People all over the world when confronted with hardships, sorrows or difficulties ponder over the fastest and easiest way to solve or to overcome these problems. Yet it is never simple nor easy to discover the root cause of sufferings in human life. Happiness, in the true sense, does not merely mean being satiated with food, clothing and shelter nor does it signify simply living a life of comfort.

Nichiren Daishonin expounds in His teachings the One True Way to attain absolute and unwavering good fortune whereby all the people are able to fundamentally overcome the basic universal sufferings of being born, of old age, sickness and death as well as doubts and disillusionments which plague mankind, causing hardship and sorrow in life which no one can escape.
With strong commitment and a firm determination to make advancement in one’s progress toward faith in the Daishonin’s True Law, every single believer, without exception, will be able to purify one’s life, maintain both spiritual and physical health, bring joy to one’s family, enrich one’s life, and above all, transform all of one’s misfortunes into good fortune, and thereby achieve true happiness. Likewise nations currently besieged with racial strife or those continually tormented by civil wars will be able to bring about true peace and prosperity to their beloved homeland.

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【真の幸福への道(Japanese ver)】





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